Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Glasgow Stop the War would like to thank the 10's of people who came to help petition 'Cut the War' - 'Bring the Troops Home from Afghanistan'
We had a tremendous response with military personel, miltary families and members of the public signing over 300 signatures in just over one hour. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

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Check back for pictures Saturday, updates and upcoming events to get the troops out of Afghanistan.


Naming of the Dead Ceremony
for the 1000's of Afghan people and 307 British soldiers
who have died in Afghanistan
Saturday 26 June
12 noon til 1pm
Argyle Street, Glasgow (outside Debenhams), G2 8AR

Another tragic landmark has been passed with the 300th British soldier do be killed in Afghanistan. They are now dying at a rate of one every two days in a war which is clearly aimless and unwinnable. David Cameron says he wants the troops to return home from Afghanistan "with heads held high". His present war policies means an increasing number will only return in a coffin or with missing limbs.

This is an opportunity now to raise the demand that the war budget should be slashed rather than public services and that all the troops should be brought home to help bring to an end thespiral of violence in Afghanistan.



The maths is simple: cut the war budget, not public services

George Osborne's budget speech on 22 June announced the biggest cuts in public expenditure in over a generation. There is no alternative, he said. But there is: cut the war in Afghanistan, scrap Trident, bring the troops home. Then there will be no need to cut... welfare services or increase VAT.

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Anti-war Song of the Week
We Shall Overcome, by Roger Waters

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