Monday, 31 May 2010




Called by: Pauline McNeil MSP, Convenor of Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Palestine; Sandra White MSP; Scottish Jews for a Just Peace, Stop the War Coalition, Scottish Friends of Palestine, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others.


Yet another act of Israeli barbarism as its forces storm one of the seven shipson the international flotilla taking aid to Gaza, where Israel's illegal seigeis starving Palestinians of essential resources. At least ten activists onboard have been killed by Israeli forces. Please join the emergency demonstration today if you can. Publicise it aswidely as possible. See video of Israeli assault from Turkish televison: http://bit.ly/aKExFf

For updates see: http://bit.ly/bg5gIu CONTACT FOREIGN SECRETARY WILLIAM HAGUE & YOUR MP PROTEST TO FOREIGN SECRETARY WILLIAM HAGUE: EMAIL: msu.correspondence@fco.gov.uk AND/OR private.office@fco.gov.uk AND MSU.PublicIn@fco.gov.uk

LETTER TO: William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AH CONTACT YOUR MP: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk Ask him/her to contact Hague on your behalf

CONTACT DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER NICK CLEGG EMAIL: cleggn@parliament.ukLETTER TO: Nick Clegg MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Gaza aid flotilla attacked - George Galloway responds

PROTEST TODAY after at least ten killed as Israel attacks Gaza aid convoy

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Don't let the EDL divide our communities!

Don't let the EDL divide our communities!

The EDL have targeted Muslims and mosques, whipping up hatred, division and violence where they have been allowed to march. EDL supporters stabbed a man in the evening after the EDL demonstration in Bolton in March. EDL supporters ran riot in Stoke-on-Trent earlier this year, smashing shops and cars, and attacking local Asian people and police.

EDL supporters have paraded their violence on You Tube and have been caught on camera giving Nazi salutes during their rallies and marches.


Assemble 12 noon at Barrack Road by St James Park. More details at http://www.uaf.org.uk/

We would urge all our supporters to support this demonstration and attend if you can. To get a seat on the Glasgow bus to Newcastle (8.30am George Square, Glasgow) for the demonstration - email uafscotland@gmail.com or call 07920 403 766.

Stop Islamophobia: Defend the Muslim Community

One Day Conference Saturday 5 June 10am to 5pmCamden Centre London WC1H 9JE

Speakers include:
Daud Abdullah Muslim Council of Britain • Tony Benn president Stop the War Coalition • Mohammed Ali Islam Channel • Anas Al-Tikriti British Muslim Initiative • Moazzam Begg former Guantanamo Bay prisoner • Lindsey German convenor Stop the War Coalition • Muhammad Habibur-Rahman vice-president Islamic Forum of Europe • Kate Hudson CND • Imran Khan solicitor • Dr Robert Lambert former head of Scotland Yard’s Muslim Contact Unit • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Nina Franklin vice president NUT • Seumas Milne journalist • Peter Oborne journalist • Salma Yaqoob Respect Party

REGISTER HERE - http://stopwar.org.uk/content/view/1860/1
OR CALL 020 7801 2768

Muslims are under attack in this country as never before. Government policies and the media have created an atmosphere in which all Muslims are portrayed as reactionary and anti-western.

Young Muslims in particular are subject to surveillance in colleges, schools and mosques in the name of combating "extremism". Those who exercise their right to demonstrate peacefully have been subject to arrest and heavy sentencing.
Meanwhile, the racist "defence leagues" have been focussing their attacks on Muslim communities, with provocative marches in towns and cities inciting racial hatred and bigotry.

From its founding in 2001, Stop the War has been committed to combating racism. We recognise that Islamophobia is a direct consequence of the "war on terror". We believe it is vital that the anti-war movement acts in conjunction with other campaigns and organisations to stem its tide.

The Stop Islamophobia: Defend the Muslim Community conference on Saturday 5 June, organised by Stop the War and the British Muslim Initiative, will bring together a wide range of opinion united in concern over the escalating demonisation of Muslims in our society.
Organised by Stop the War Coalition and British Muslim Initiative

Supported by CND, Cordoba Foundation, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, Islam Channel, Islamic Forum of Europe, Islamophobia Watch, London Muslim Centre, Muslim Welfare House, National Union of Journalists, North London Central Mosque, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Unite

Articles, Pictures & Anti-war Song of the Week

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding by Elvis Costello - http://stopwar.org.uk/content/view/1886/186/

Pictures from tbe ‘Refusing to serve the occupation! Public meeting with Or Ben‐David—one of the Shministim. - http://www.shministim.com/

This is what "democracy" looks like: Brian Haw arrested http://stopwar.org.uk/content/view/1893/1/

US cost of 9 years war in Iraq & Afghanistan reaches $1 trillion http://stopwar.org.uk/content/view/1897/27/

Gaza aid flotilla to set sail for confrontation with Israel
and updates from http://gazafreedommarch.org/cms/en/home.aspx

Palestine Solidarity Campaign have organised a petition against the UK-Israel arms trade and a ride on (mainly) vintage Royal Enfield bikes to deliver it. Please sign the petition and support this initative.
The details of the ride and links to the petition are at: http://rideforpalestine.blogspot.com/