Saturday, 29 December 2012

Scrap Trident

Weekend Of Action

Saturday 13th April
National Demonstration in Glasgow
Sunday 14th April
Workshops on Non-Violent Direct Action and other Events
Monday 15th April
Shut Down Faslane - Big Blockade
Called and Supported by
No to Nato Coalition; Scottish CND;Stop The War Coalition Scotland; Trident Ploughshares, Radical Independence Conference; Faslane Peace Camp; Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre; Scottish Womens International League for Peace and Freedom; Scottish Green Party;Socialist Workers Party; ISG, SSP.
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Monday, 10 December 2012

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Glasgow Stop the War Coalition is holding a public meeting next week on the issue of
Drones and New Nukes.
Please see the flyer at print off and distribute if you can.
Come along and help spread the word about the meeting.

Drones and New Nukes - Video Games Morph into State Terror
Monday 3 December 7pm
Renfield St Stephens Church, 260 Bath St

Ian Shaw
Scottish CND and others

We would also encourage you to go to the following link which allows you to send an email to your MSP to support the motion to the Scottish Parliament lodged by Alison Johnstone, Lothian, Scottish Green Party. The motion condemns the Israeli attacks, seeks to raise awareness of the rights of the Palestinian people, and calls for an end to arms sales by the UK to Israel.

Friday, 16 November 2012


Friday 16th November from 5-6.30pm at Donald Dewar statue, top of Buchanan St.
Emergency Rally - we will gather to show our opposition to Israeli slaughter in Gaza and build support for national demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday.

National March Edinburgh Saturday 17th November

Buses leave George Square 10am

07540 176 803 to book a space text Bus + (Name) + (No. of seats).
Assemble Charlotte Square 12pm!
Bring your flags, banners, and voices.
March to the Scottish Parliament.
Demonstration called by We Are All Hana Shalabi and Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Supported by: Friends of Al Aqsa (Scotland), Edinburgh Uni Students for Justice in Palestine, Glasgow Stop the War, Edinburgh Stop the War, Stop the War (Scotland), Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Glasgow Uni Palestine Society, Strathclyde Uni Students for Justice in Palestine, Students for Palestinian Rights (Glasgow Caledonian University), Dundee Uni Action Palestine, Kashmir Solidarity Movement, James Connolly Society, Edinburgh Uni Islamic Society, Edinburgh Uni Amnesty Society, Glasgow Uni CND, Fight Racism Fight Imperialism and others

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Join us on 20 October 2012 


Troops out of Afghanistan

The STUC is organising a mass demonstration on 20th October in Glasgow. The event will coincide with a similar event in London under the banner ‘A future that works’.
The Coalition Government may be in crisis but they are still refusing to change course from their dangerous and damaging programme of cuts and austerity.
On the morning of Saturday 20th October, trade unionists and community activists from across Scotland will gather for a march through Glasgow to play our part in telling the Government that enough is enough.
In the coming weeks you can come to this site to download publicity materials, find out about transport, or volunteer to help on the day.

Sign-up to receive latest updates at or visit

We say cut the war and fund our services 

Rally for October 20th

On Wednesday 3rd October @ 7.30pm 
Glasgow City Unison office, 
84 Bell Street, Glasgow G1 1LQ 
Support for the STUC’s October 20th 'A Future that Works' Demo in Glasgow is building up. The march gives us all- young, old, black, white, students, workers, unemployed, and with disabilities - a chance to fight back against the government’s programme of cuts and austerity. 
Come to the Mobilising Rally on Wednesday Oct 3rd. Let us unite our different struggles and build a mass protest on October 20th!

Speakers: Dave Moxham (Deputy Gen Sec STUC), Sasha Callaghan (Disability History Scotland), Roz Foyer (UNITE Scotland), Jennifer McCarey (Glasgow Trades Council), Brian Smith (Glasgow City UNISON/ Defend Glasgow Services), Sandra Webster (Kids Need Our Ward) Chair: Maureen Watson (Right to Work Campaign) 

The 3rd October Rally is supported by Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts; Black Triangle Campaign; Defend Glasgow Services; Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees; Glasgow City UNISON; Save the Accord Campaign; Positive Action in Housing; Scottish March for Jobs and Public Services; Scottish Unemployed Workers Network; Social Work Action Network; Stop the War Coalition (Glasgow); Right to Work Campaign; The Kids Need Our Ward Campaign; UNITE Scottish Housing Associations Branch; UNITE Scottish Rank and File M & E Construction Workers; and UNITE branch 7/600 

Anniversary conference - date for your diary

To mark the 10th anniversary of the major 2 million strong demo against the Iraq war, which took place on 15 February 2003 we are holding a conference in London which will discuss the aftermath of the war and the threats of war in the present and future. It will be in Friends House, London on Saturday 9th February 2013. A wide range of prominent speakers have already been booked. Brochures and more details to follow soon.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

UKBA Offices, Brand St, Govan
Stop the Evictions
End Destitution
Housing is a Human Right

Saturday 21 April, 11am

Nearest underground is Cessnock

Flyer here: 2xA5 -

Called by: FBU Scotland, Glasgow City Unison, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, Unity Centre, Defend Glasgow Services, Stop the War Coalition, Right to Work Campaign, Coalition of Resistance, Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts, Social Work Action Network and others.

At a meeting on Tuesday night, attended by numerous organisations, it was agreed unanimously to continue the campaign against the eviction and enforced homelessness of refused refugees by calling the above rally and protest at the UKBA offices in Brand St, Govan.

The statement below was agreed at the rally at the Red Road on Thursday 12 April.
Up to 140 Glasgow asylum seekers are to be evicted by their landlord, Ypeople, in the next few weeks, and left without home, and without access to work or any benefits or state support whatsoever. These people have had their claim for asylum refused even though most are unable to return to their countries because they are too dangerous. They include Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Zimbabwe and others.
Ypeople, a charity funded to provide accommodation to vulnerable people, claims they have to do this before handing over the housing of asylum seekers to Serco, a giant multinational making money for its shareholders out of running prisons and detention centres. The hand over period runs to November yet Ypeople have decided to evict everyone right now. Community groups say they will not be able to cope.
We call on Ypeople to act with humanity towards these extremely vulnerable people and on Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government to step in and stop this disaster before it happens. What kind of city and what kind of Scotland are they governing that allows this kind of humanitarian outrage to occur?
Finally we call on the British government to honour its international obligations in the spirit as well as the letter by granting protection and the right to work for all people seeking sanctuary.
Come and support the demonstration on Saturday.
Bring friends, family, workmates, trade union branches, churches and other organisations, banners, placards etc.
If you wish to add your organisations name to the list of supporters of this demonstration, please send an email
2: Scottish Parliament Motion
The motion below has been tabled by Hamza Yousuf MSP. Please contact your MSP urgently to ask them to support this motion.
Concern at Evictions in Glasgow
S4M-02634 Humza Yousaf () (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament raises serious concern at the decision to evict 140 asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow; recognises that many of these families come from war-torn conflict zones that would be unsafe to return to; understands that, if evicted, families will be left with no home and no access to work or benefits; believes that compassion must be shown to the most vulnerable in society, and considers organisations such as the Fire Brigades Union Scotland have given fantastic support with their generous donations to enable the families to remain housed in the short term.
Shona McAlpine
(Office of Humza Yousaf MSP) t: (0131) 348 6210 / t: (0141) 353 1593 | m: 07824866604
e: | FB: HumzaYousafSNP | Twitter: @HumzaYousaf

Monday, 13 February 2012


................ the war on terror continues

Maya Evans is a peace activist who has returned from visiting Afghanistan with Voices for Creative Nonviolence (

She met with Afghan human rights activists and refugees and people affected by NATO night raids and drone strikes.
Afghanistan blog at

Maya will be joined by a speaker from Stop the War Coalition
Come hear her first hand account of the situation in Afghanistan.

The driv

e for an attac

k on Iran is gaining ground rapidly in government and military circles in Israel, the USA, Britain and France.


Get in touch if you can help out on stalls/to promote activities: