Saturday, 1 February 2014

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Scrap Trident
Say NO to NATO
Stop the War sees scrapping Trident and being out of NATO as interlinked.
NATO is a nuclear club with a fi rst nuclear strike policy.
For twelve years NATO has been conducting the war in Afghanistan where
tens of thousands of civilians have died and three million people have become
refugees. Most recently it was the military coalition, which the US tried
to mobilise to legitimate the bombing of Syria.
A decade of popular protest and campaigning led to the historic vote at Westminster
not to bomb Syria. Stop the War is convinced that popular mobilization is the
key to removing Trident for good. Campaign for No to Trident AND No to Nato.

In 2014 the UK government will invest tens of millions in a ‘celebration’ of the
First World War. Stop the War has launched the No Glory In War Campaign
and in Scotland we are working with a wide range of other organisations to
ensure that there is a grass roots response that links the carnage of 1914-18
with the policy that gives rise to war today. We are planning cultural events,
poetry, music and exhibitions; murals and banners; a Scottish No Glory website;
meetings and political debate.

If you can get involved in any way – with
ideas, activism and skills please contact us at

Check out the No Glory in War website