Saturday, 31 January 2009

Stop the War Coalition (Scotland) Conference 2009

Saturday 21 February

10am – 5pm

Charles Wilson Building, Glasgow University (intersection of Gibson Street, Bank Street, and Kelvin Way)

Four sessions:Free Palestine – end the siege of GazaWar and Occupation: Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine …Nukes and Nato: Trident, Eastern Europe, The ‘Long War’ …War at Home and Resistance: Islamophobia, Civil Liberties, Military Families …

Speakers include: Walter Wolfgang, Ghada Karmi (Palestinian campaigner), Kate Hudson (British CND), Aamer Anwar, Pauline McNeill (MSP), Sandra White (MSP)' Bill Kidd (MSP)' Neil Mackay (journalist), Hossam al-Malaway (Egyptian journalist), Osama Saeed (Scottish Islamic Foundation), Rose Gentle (military families against war), Eamonn McCann (Raytheon Nine)' Mohammad Asif (Scottish Afghan Society), Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition), Ivona Novomestska (Czech bases campaign).

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