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The BBC has scuppered the Disasters Emergency Committee in its efforts to raise money for Gaza. Read the full story below and flood the BBC with complaints today. BBC scuppers TV fundraising appeal for Gaza victims


5.00PM sharp


Background information: Statement from the BBC"Along with other broadcasters, the BBC has decided not to broadcast the DEC's public appeal to raise funds for Gaza. The BBC decision was made because of question marks about the delivery of aid in a volatile situation and also to avoid any risk of compromising public confidence in the BBC's impartiality in the context of an ongoing news story. However the BBC will, of course, continue to report the humanitarian story in Gaza,"BBC Statement

COMPLAIN NOW TO THE BBC Stop the War understands that the government has contacted the BBC to complain about its decision to refuse the broadcasting of a humanitarian appeal for Gaza.
The BBC's decision will prevent the raising of millions of pounds in emergency aid being sent to Gaza. Stop the War is demanding that the exchange between the government and the BBC be made public immediately.

The BBC says it is blocking the emergency appeal "to avoid any risk of compromising public confidence in the BBC's "impartiality", as if this has anything to do with humanitarian aid for a devastated people. Either they need the aid or they do not.

This is the first time in the 48 years of similar national appeals for humanitarian aid that a broadcast has been refused. It is estimated that £10 million of urgently required aid will not now be sent to help Palestinians in Gaza, living in catastrophic conditions.
"This is a betrayal of the BBC's obligation to be a public service," said Tony Benn, President of Stop the War. "To deny the help that the aid agencies and the UN need is incomprehensible."
It is imperative that the BBC responds to the government's complaint and reverses its decision to refuse this broadcast. If it does not, we will see people in Gaza continue to suffer due to being denied emergency relief because of BBC "impartiality" .

Stop the War urges all its supporters to complain to the BBC. We must mobilise all the pressure we can to get the BBC to reverse its decision.
TO COMPLAIN TO THE BBC PHONE: 03700 100 222 TEXT: 03700 100 212 ONLINE:

Tony Benn Statement on BBC "betrayal" over charity broadcast

"The decision of the BBC to refuse to broadcast a national humanitarian appeal for Gaza, which has left aid agencies with a potential shortfall of millions of pounds in donations, is a betrayal of the obligation which it owes as a public service.The destruction in Gaza and the loss of the lives of over a thousand civilians and children, has shocked the world as Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon, made clear, when he saw the devastation for himself.The human suffering that the people of Gaza has experienced over the last few weeks has appalled people who have seen it for themselves on their television screens.To deny the help that the aid agencies and the UN need at this moment in time is incomprehensible and it follows the bias in BBC reporting of this crisis, which has been widely criticised.I appeal to the Chairman of the BBC Trust to intervene to reverse this decision to save the lives of those who are now in acute danger of dying through a lack of food, fuel, water and medical supplies."Tony Benn

Politician Tony Benn discusses on the BBC News 24 and radio 4 why he will be attending the protest outside BBC Broadcasting House and puts out an appeal for aid himself – much to the horror of the presenters!!

Tony Benn was brilliant on BBC new 24 just now on the question of the BBC Gaza appeal ban. He stunned the interviewer by immediately interrupting her by saying "seeing as the BBC will not broadcast the appeal I will, she tried to intervene but he said "you are not going to stop me" and he gave out the appeal phone no and details as well as the numbers of casualties. She looked bewildered as he angrily raged against the BBC and said "we all know who is behind this, the Israeli Government"

Unseen Gaza

Channel 4 Video Report - Broadcast - January 22, 2009

Is what has been presented on our screens and in our papers a true reflection of events on the ground in Gaza? And how do these reports differ to those aired in other countries?With reporters unable to enter Gaza, attempted media manipulation from both sides and strict regulations governing what images that can be shown on British TV, Jon Snow asks a range of journalists from at home and abroad about the challenges of getting the full story.

Watch the programme here:

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