Friday, 23 April 2010

Rebuilding Gaza - Saturday the 1st May-Scottish Action for Gaza


1) Rebuilding Gaza - FUNDRAISER - Saturday the 1st May-Scottish Action for Gaza

2) Children of Gaza - FILM - watch it online

Rebuilding Gaza
Saturday the 1st May-Scottish Action for Gaza

Garage, G2 Sauchiehall Street, Doors open 7pm ,
Tickets £5.00

2 great Glasgow bands, and some supporting speeches Redshift -8pm – covering Kings of Leon- Cold Play – Kaiser Chiefs Red Scot Chile Peppers -9pm Raffle -10.15pm

The Project- “Homes for Gaza”:A pilot project to rebuild 10 homes in the poorest parts of Gaza.Following a successful delivery of medical aid last year (under the name "Scottish Medical Aid for Gaza") the group is now investigating how it can help Gaza rebuild. The people of Gaza themselves have found a way to rebuild in spite of Israel and Egypt’s restrictions on building materials. The rubble from destroyed buildings is ground up, and mixed with a very little cement is reconstituted into building blocks!Scottish Action for Gaza will send a delegation to Gaza soon, to lay the groundwork for a pilot project to rebuild 10 homes. This will requires substantial funding - around £200,000. If successful, the group will apply for major funding from international donors for a significant number of houses, in districts where the poorest people live and the worst destruction occurred.

Contact on 01415897120Carrah Nimmo on


Children of Gaza
Directed by Jezza Neumann

In January 2009 over 1300 Palestinians were killed in Gaza. Around 300 of them children. When the ceasefire was declared, film-maker Jezza Neumann arrived to follow the lives of four children over the course of a year. Through their eyes, and in their words, Children of Gaza gives us a unique insight into the impact of war on vulnerable young minds. Despite the horrors they witnessed, Amal 9, Mahmoud & Omsyatte 12, and Ibraheem 11 still have hope and humour whilst living in the ruins of the Gaza Strip. Increasingly isolated by a blockade that prevents anyone from rebuilding their homes and their lives, Children of Gaza is a shocking, touching and uniquely intimate reflection on extraordinary courage in the face of great adversity.


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