Thursday, 4 March 2010


Education not bombs

Saturday 6th March 2010

EIS National Demonstration Against Budget Cuts in Education, Why Must our Children Pay?
Assemble 10.30am Saturday, March off 11am, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.

Buses leave Edinburgh, Waterloo Place at 9am.
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With the latest polls in the UK stating that 64% say the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable it is time the troops withdrew.

Stop the War believes that the money spent on the Afghanistan war would be better spent on teachers, schools and books.

Join the STW Education not Bombs contingent on the march on this Saturday.

Gordon Brown happily signed the cheques for the Iraq war. In2005 he said, "I would have behaved exactly like Tony over thewar."As Chancellor of the Exchequer, Brown was the paymastergeneral for the Iraq war. Instead of spending £8.5 billion onmass slaughter of Iraqis, Brown could have funded:

* The recruitment and retention of over 25,000 new teachersfor ten years.* All NHS maternity care for four years.

* All NHS Accident and Emergency provision for four and a halfyears.

* All government spending on the railways for five years.(SEE But not content with this astronomical waste, Brown is nowspending sums on the war in Afghanistan which -- at £12billion and rising fast -- dwarf his Iraq spending. (SEE

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