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Novermber 2009 newsletter

Why Are We in Afghanistan? The Great Debate -

In this newsletter

1. Troops out of Afghanistan - Edinburgh
2. Demonstrate Against Islamophobia, Racism and Fascism - Glasgow
3. Noam Chomsky - public meeting (Edinburgh and Glasgow)
4. Responding to the Afghan election farce
5. NOTE: Financial Appeal and Stop the War Christmas cards

1. Troops out of Afghanistan

The NATO defence ministers are meeting at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre the weekend of the 14th. The war in Afghanistan is waged under the NATO banner. Opinion polls make it clear that a big majority want the troops home now.
Called by Stop the War Scotland, supported by STW UK, CND, SCND, Scottish Afghan Society, & SACC.

Scottish Demonstration: Edinburgh

Saturday 14th November

Troops Out of Afghanistan Now / No to Nato / Scrap Trident

Assemble 10.30am East Market Street leaving at 11am


Travel from Glasgow:
Trains from Glasgow to Edinburgh are reasonably priced at £5.00 return if you are travelling in a group of four. You must travel both ways in your group of four.

NOTE: If there is a large group in your party wishing to travel through to the demonstration please do get back in touch by midnight on Wednesday 11 November and if there is a demand we will book some coaches to take people through.


2. Demonstrate Against Islamophobia – Glasgow

For supporters of Stop the War who wish to stay in Glasgow on Saturday we are calling on everyone to oppose the Islamophobia of the British National Party and the Scottish Defence League and join the Scotland United demonstration at Glasgow Green and march through the city.

Scotland United Against Racism and Fascism -
Supported by Stop the War Coalition

Saturday 14 November
Assemble 12 noon, Nelson’s Column, Glasgow Green

Speakers include:Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Deputy First MinisterAnnabel Goldie MSP, Conservative leader in the Scottish ParliamentMohammad Sarwar MPRobert Brown MSPGrahame Smith, Secretary General, STUCAamer Anwar, human rights lawyer

Performers include:Laura McGhee -

"We the undersigned strongly oppose plans by the 'Scottish Defence League' - a group linked to the fascist BNP - to demonstrate in Glasgow city centre and march on the local mosque. The SDL is a racist group dedicated to attacking Asian people and Muslims. Islamophobia - bigotry against Muslims - is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. Its aim is to divide us by making scapegoats of one community, just as the far-right did with Jews in the 1930s. We have a simple message for these racist and fascist groups. We will not let you turn the clock back to the 1970s when their thugs could attack black and Asian people with impunity. An injury to one is an injury to all – and their attempts to target and scapegoat Muslims will fail. Today they threaten the Mosque, tomorrow it could be a Synagogue, Temple or Church. Today they threaten Muslims, tomorrow it could be Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, lesbians & gay men, trade unionists, travellers or Eastern Europeans. There is no place for Nazis, racists or the BNP in Glasgow’s multiracial, multi-cultural and multi-religious community. We call on the Leader of Glasgow City Council and the Police to ban the SDL/EDL action."

Get in touch if can take a pile of leaflets to distribute on the demonstration.

Stop the War statement on the BNP -

In doubt over the rise of Islamophobia? Here are a list of articles available on our website


3. Noam Chomsky - public meeting (Edinburgh and Glasgow)

7.30pm Tue 10 Nov St George's West Church, (Candlish Hall) 58 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh EH2 4RT and Quaker Meeting House, 38 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow G2 4PS
with Noam Chomsky by live link from the US,

What does Barack Obama'a apparent dithering over Afghanistan really mean? Ask America's leading intellectual

Meeting supported by: Radio Ramadan Edinburgh; Scotland Against Criminalising Communities; Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


4. Responding to the Afghan election farce

NATO's operation in Afghanistan has descended into farce. Gordon Brown and Barack Obama have both congratulated Hamid Karzai - a man they installed as Afghanistan's ruler in the first place - for winning an election they themselves have condemned as corrupt.

The result of this charade will be to further weaken support for the war here. The fact that there are now establishment voices arguing the war is pointless also strengthens the hand of those of us who want to bring the troops home altogether. We need to use the weeks up to Christmas to put maximum pressure on the government.

We are asking all our supporters to do as many of the following as possible:

Get everyone you know to sign the Bring the Troops Home petition. We plan to hand it in very publicly to Gordon Brown in December, so we need the maximum possible number of signatures by then. You can sign it online ( or download a copy ( and take it round your workmates, neighbours, friends etc.

Lobby your MP and demand he or she does everything possible to end the occupation. Send a Bring the Troops Home postcard (available from the to your MP.

If you have family connections with the military or know anyone who does and is against the war, please contact us. More and more military families are getting in touch. As Michael Clarke, Director of the Royal United Services Institute is quoted as saying in the Guardian 'The cynicism that eventually corroded the morale of US forces in Vietnam is a spectre that is beginning to haunt the whole Afghanistan enterprise'.


5. Financial Appeal and Stop the War Christmas cards

In the last few months Presidents Obama’s surge of troops to Afghanistan, the growing death toll of soldiers and Afghan civilians, the bombing of Pakistan and Gaza earlier this year have demonstrated that the need for a thriving Stop the War Coalition is as great as ever.
Recently we sent a coach to the National demonstration to get the Troops out of Afghanistan in London, led by led by Lance Corporal Joe Glenton -- the first serving soldier in the British army to join an anti-war march - .

We have received great support from trade unions, peace and groups working for social justice and you as an individual, over the years and together we have achieved much.

We would like to continue being able to respond as we did earlier this year, when we seen the bombing of Gaza and the biggest ever wave of protests since the invasion of Iraq. The anti-war movement needs to be both organised and mobilised.

Printing leaflets, petitions and posters; booking buses to get to the demonstrations; meetings and event room hires all cost well spent money and keep our movement organised, united and mobilised.

Please consider making a donation to Glasgow Stop the War Coalition.


BY POST: Cheques made to 'GLASGOW STOP THE WAR COALITION' C/o Dave Sherry, Branch Secretary, TGWU Scottish Housing Branch, TGWU Offices, 290 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4LD. (drop us a quick email to let us know you’ve sent it)

IN PERSON: TEXT 07912348366 and we will arrange collection.

Go to and for more info on the Stop the War Coalition and its activities.

Get your Christmas Cards at

Designed by supporters of Stop the War in Glasgow you get 9 cards for £4.50 with £1.00 postage costs.

Please forward and circulate this email to all your contacts.

Post the following to on your facebook –
checking out the latest Glasgow Stop the War newsletter at

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